The Role of African Philanthropy in Responding to Covid-19

A new report from Dalberg Advisors and the African Philanthropy Forum sheds light on how philanthropy in Africa is changing in response to Covid-19 and what steps are needed to drive a more effective response.  Philanthropists focused on Africa have stepped up their support for the people and communities most impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic […]

Disparities in Funding for African NGOs

Friendship Bench, a mental health services provider in Zimbabwe, could bring community health workers to more African countries if it were able to overcome funding disparities from philanthropic sources. (Photo: Constantine Juta) Through our work together, APF and Bridgespan have sought to better understand the nuances within the African philanthropic ecosystem, surface the barriers facing […]

Islam & Philanthropy

It is widely-known that every religion has philanthropic components to it, and Islam is no exception. Islamic injunctions make the act of charity obligatory for its believers. Amidst how deep-rooted philanthropy is within the Islamic faith, it is even more important to advocate for strategic and sustainable giving by Muslims to philanthropic causes.  The third […]

COVID19 Action Fund for Africa: radical collaboration at its best

English Sall, Lyudmila Nepomnyashchiy (CHAP) In late September, the African Philanthropy Forum’s Executive Director, Mosun Layode, elevated the story about the powerful partnership of more than 30 organizations joined in collaborative action to protect the health of millions of Africans. Responding to an emergency requires an all-hands-on-deck approach: individuals and institutions set aside differences and […]

Confronting Modern Philanthropy’s Role in Racial Injustice

This article was first published on the Skoll Foundation website Source:(unsplash) James Eades By Atti Worku – Seeds of Africa, By Sibabalwe Mona – nuAfrica The myth of the corporate American do-gooder is a thinly veiled attempt at upholding the capitalist systems that produce and entrench systemic injustice and inequality. The philanthropic community must—and can—change […]

Wakanda for Never!

In 2019, a year after the film Black Panther was released, the fictional country Wakanda was the fourth most mentioned African country on Twitter, after Egypt, South Africa and Kenya. The fact that Africa’s fourth most talked about country does not exist tells us two things:      Pop culture is a powerful tool for […]

60 Million African Children Brains Are Not Growing Properly

Malnutrition and Early Childhood Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Growing up in the 1980’s, I vividly remember being inundated with television images of starving African children surrounded by celebrity musicians chiming to the now classic tune “We are the World”. Back then, their aim was to galvanize global support towards ending child malnutrition in Africa. Sadly, […]

Enabling African Diaspora Philanthropy

As Black Panther broke film history records, it fueled worldwide interest in African resources, technological prowess, and creativity.   My two children, aged 18 and 9 and born and raised in the African diaspora, loved the mythical imagery of Wakanda.  They were moved by the deep ties that bind people of African descent. The film […]

Education: Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Some will be left behind because our current system is designed to enable those that have access to quality education to thrive. The weakest link on the African continent today is an education system without a clear purpose, one that isn’t accessible to everyone who wants it. In my view, education in the early years […]