Andrew Doust

As founder of Plenitude Partners, Andrew, advises ultra-high net-worth families globally, helping them to break the cycle which destroys families and their wealth.  It’s a passion which began in his home country of Australia 25 years ago and which today sees him lead large, multi-generation families on a journey to experience more meaning, unity and purpose in order to flourish over successive generations.

Central to family flourishing is philanthropy and in his capacity as Vice President of Strategy at Legatum, a Dubai based private investment firm, Andrew played a lead role in building a large philanthropic portfolio.  This included the development and launch of the Freedom Fund, a private philanthropic initiative to help end modern slavery, and the Luminos Fund, a global initiative to transform education and help millions of out-of-school children get back to school. Andrew continues his involvement serving on the board of both organisations.  With Legatum he also co-created and facilitated the annual Legacy Roundtable for next generation wealth holders which attracts participants from around the world.

More recently, on behalf of the Kore Alliance, Andrew has developed a world-first experience for next generation members of wealthy families to help them discover their potential and prepare to steward family wealth and the family name for good.  The program launches in 2019.