George Kronnisanyon Werner

George Kronnisanyon Werner currently serves as the Minister of Education and Chair of the Inter-Ministerial Scholarship Committee of the Government of Liberia. Prior to his ascendancy as Minister of Education, he held the position of Director General of the Liberian Civil Service Agency where he led a massive clean-up of the Government of Liberia’s payroll system of “ghost names” and rationalizing pay structures and functions.

Before joining the Government of Liberia in 2011, he worked as a Catholic missionary educator in West Africa and the Republic of South Africa. In the USA, he worked in six states on juvenile delinquency, sexual abuse treatment and youth welfare policy issues. At Pennsylvania Clinical Schools for Resources and Human Development, Inc, and Wordsworth as a Clinical Therapist /Coordinator.

He earned a BA degree in General Education from the Catholic University of East Africa and Master of Social Work and Practice from the University of Pennsylvania.

He is charged with reforming the Liberian broken education sector after a fourteen year of civil war.