Katja Schiller Nwator

Katja Schiller Nwator is a Philanthropy Advisor and Development Consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Katja has over 12 years of experience in the international nonprofit sector, and has developed and managed innovative programmes in various countries. She has led strategic development-focused interventions in agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship, and has created linkages and networks for youth, women, entrepreneurs, and universities across Africa.

As a Consultant, Katja supports donor agencies, foundations, non-profit organisations, and philanthropists working to address some of the biggest challenges in Africa. She has developed long-term programme strategies and delivery plans, led local implementation efforts, and facilitated multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations.

Katja is also the Founder of Philanthropy Circuit, a pan-African media organisation focused on creating a new narrative to influence the understanding and growth of philanthropy in Africa.