Michelle Kagari

Michelle Kagari is the Global Director for Government Relations and Policy at One Acre Fund. One Acre fund is a non-profit Agriculture Service Provider currently assisting over One Million of Africa’s smallholder farm families to dramatically improve their incomes. We do this through a comprehensive agricultural bundle that includes finance, farm inputs, training, and post-harvest support.

One Acre Fund aspires to helping Africa’s 50 million smallholder farm families enjoy bigger harvests, nutritious foods and greater prosperity. We currently operate in Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and have pilot operations in Zambia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. The Organization is currently serving over 450,000 smallholder farmers in 22 Counties in Kenya.

Michelle leads OAF’s collaborative approach to working with governments to achieve food security and sustainable livelihoods for smallholder farmers. Michelle has over 20yrs experience in the non-profit sector, working on social justice issues to ensure that under-represented populations are included in decision making and resource allocation, enabling them to realize their full potential.