Building Knowledge

The African Philanthropists’ Toolkits

The toolkits were developed by APF to provide practical knowledge and tools to inform emerging philanthropists on their decision making and enables them to build strong frameworks and/or institutions for giving strategically.
Through its annual and regional convenings, APF builds the capacity of philanthropists to enhance the development impact of their giving and investing.

Access to Information

APF develops and shares relevant and timely information about the global and African philanthropic sectors including trends, strategies, best practices and opportunities for collaboration.

Short Seminars

Offered in partnership with African universities and institutions, these seminars will be focused on key issue areas including governance, measurement & evaluation and grant-making.

Knowledge Platform

Our knowledge platform is ideal for philanthropists who are looking to understand the different areas of giving- Why we give? Giving approaches, The Crux of Giving, Giving Mechanisms, The Process of Giving.